We work with our bank partner, Blue Ridge Bank N.A., to put the money you want to save into an FDIC-insured Deposit Account.

You have control over moving money manually or automatically. Whenever you initiate a deposit, we transfer funds from your linked primary bank account to your Catch account. The purpose of the back-end account with Blue Ridge Bank N.A. is to securely hold your savings in Catch. Any access you need to that account is done through Catch. You can make a direct deposit, withhold from a paycheck, and transfer money back to your linked bank account at any time.

See here for details on how to withdraw money from Catch.

For Retirement Accounts:

We also work with our bank partner, Blue Ridge Bank N.A., to pull the money you want to set aside for retirement, and invest those funds in a brokerage account with Folio Institutional — a broker-dealer registered with the SEC, authorized to hold the cash and securities managed by Catch Capital Management.

You can request to withdraw money from your IRA, however, withdrawing funds early may be subject to penalties per the IRS. See here for details on withdrawing from a retirement account.

Other Questions:

You can find more information about your savings account here, or your retirement account from Folio here.

As always, feel free to chat with someone on our team at help@catch.co.

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