Working as a 1099 means that you may have volatility in your income. Some months, the checks may be huge! Other months, things may be tight. 

It's hard to stick to a plan with this kind of variability. Catch makes it easy to stay on track, even if your pay changes in size or frequency.

Catch provides withholding recommendations based on annual estimated income, employment status, work, state, and federal taxes. When you set up your benefits, you choose a withholding percentage that best fits your needs. We help you set aside a percentage of your income according to your plan, which you can adjust at any time (and also per paycheck).

Catch identifies your potential income and asks you to confirm withholdings each time you get paid. That way, you set aside money when you have it - and not when you don't. If you don't want to manually confirm each time you get paid from a source that's always income, you can set up Autoroll.

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