When you refer a friend or family member, you can each earn $20 when you both withhold and save at least $100 from paychecks with Catch.

How do I refer someone?

To refer someone, copy your referral code on your home page or on the "refer a friend" page in your profile. The person you refer must use your code when they sign up in order for you both to receive the referral bonus.

Who is eligible?

Any current and active Catch user who has Autopilot enabled and who has saved at least $20 with Catch can share their referral code with someone who does not already have a Catch account.

A successful referral occurs when a new user creates a Catch account for the first time, sets up their plan, and withholds at least $100 from paychecks.

Where is the $20 referral bonus deposited?

Once the person you refer saves $100 of income with Catch (and you also have $100 saved), you will each receive a $20 referral bonus in your Time Off plan.

What happens if I refer someone, but I don't see my referral bonus?

Keep in mind: the person you referred needs to save at least $100 from paychecks in order to be considered a successful referral. If you have a Time Off plan and the person you referred has saved at least $100 but you still have not received your referral bonus, please contact support via the chat.

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