Every time you we detect a deposit in your primary bank account, we will ask you to confirm if it's income. Simply click the link in your email or push notification, and it will direct you to Catch to either confirm or reject potential income.

When you confirm income, we will transfer the appropriate amount of money from your primary linked bank account into your Catch account. You can always edit the percentage amount and benefits you want to contribute.  

If you don't want to manually confirm each time you get paid from a source that's always income, you can set up Autopilot. When you create an Always Income rule, you're telling Catch to auto-withhold all deposits from a specific source. As soon as we detect a payment from that source, Catch will automatically transfer money from your primary linked bank account to your Catch account. You can enable the Transfer Delay if you want to be able to edit these deposits before money is moved.

Deposits made to your Catch account are completed via ACH transactions, so it typically takes 1-2 business days for you to see the funds become available in your Catch account.

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