Great question! It's good to understand the technology services you're using to make sure they're compatible with your values. At Catch, we try to be very transparent about our business model so you aren't ever caught by surprise. 

Catch does not charge a subscription fee. For the money you contribute to savings (like Tax or Time Off), there is no charge—no matter the balance or number of deposits/withdrawals you make. There are only costs associated to specific features on the platform.

Catch Plus

There is a collection of premium add-ons available — these à la carte features are optional to help bring your plan to the next level.

Tax Payments

Catch allows you to pay the IRS directly. Each time you make an estimated tax payment through Catch, there is a $10 processing fee. This fee is paid directly from your Tax Plan.


Beginning 9/1/20, there is a $1/mo cost to utilize Autopilot to automatically transfer money to Catch every time you’re paid by select sources. This is a flat fee. You have the option to delete your always income rules at any time. You can still filter out deposit sources that are never income for free (you don't need to have auto-withholding rules to utilize filtered deposits).

Extra Bank Links

Beginning 9/1/20, there is a $5/mo cost to link multiple primary bank accounts to allow Catch to pull in paychecks or deposits across all your bank accounts. You can always link one primary bank account for free.


Catch is a Registered Investment Advisor with the SEC. On all money you invest in your retirement account, we earn 0.5% (half of a percent) annually on the assets under management ($2/mo minimum for accounts less than $4,800). This fee is fairly standard in the investment management industry, and you can read all the details about how we charge in our publicly filed Form ADV Part 2.

Our promise

It's important you know that Catch does NOT sell your data or personal information to third party providers to make money. Your data is your private property, and we believe you should decide who gets to know things about you. Feel free to read more here. We thank you for trusting us with your information.

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