No coverage through TRICARE
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Documents to confirm you don’t have qualifying health coverage through TRICARE

Submit one of the documents below if you need to confirm that you don’t have coverage through TRICARE.

  • Letter or statement from TRICARE that shows the expiration or un-enrollment date of previous health coverage

  • Letter or statement from TRICARE that confirms ineligibility for health coverage

  • Letter, statement, or other document indicating a life change event (like divorce) that would make you or a family member ineligible for TRICARE coverage

  • Letter or statement from TRICARE or other government agency showing that you or a family member are enrolled in a TRICARE program that’s not considered qualifying health coverage. If you send document(s) verifying enrollment in one of these programs, you may be able to continue your Marketplace coverage with help paying for coverage:

    • TRICARE Plus

    • Direct care

    • Line-of-duty care

    • Transitional care for service-related conditions

    • TRICARE coverage limited to space-available care in a facility of the uniformed services for individuals excluded from TRICARE coverage for care from private sector providers.

What if I don’t have any of those documents?

You can submit a letter describing when your enrollment in TRICARE coverage ended or that you were never enrolled in TRICARE. The Marketplace will take your letter into consideration. You can use this template. To submit this letter, select “Other” from the drop-down menu when you’re on the upload screen in the application.

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