Catch's Autopilot feature allows you to set up rules for your paychecks so you don't have to worry about manually confirming (or ignoring) deposits from the same source every time.

What is it

With Autopilot, you're able to create custom rules to auto-withhold from sources that are always income (ex. Doordash, PayPal, Square, Gusto, etc.) or to filter out deposits that are never income (ex. ATM Deposit, Refund Transaction, etc.).

How it works

On your Home page, or after you first approve a paycheck, you will have the option to set up custom rules for every deposit from a select payment source. You can edit or delete rules at any time.

  • If you set up an "always income" rule, Catch will automatically move money every time you get a deposit from select payment sources — we transfer money directly from your primary linked bank account to your Catch account. Auto Withholding costs $1/mo.
  • If you set up a "never income" rule, Catch will ignore every deposit you receive from a given payment source — we filter them out and will never transfer money. This is free.

If you don't have an Autopilot rule, we'll notify you each time you get paid and won't set aside money for your benefits without your manual approval — you will be required to approve (or skip) those payments every time they come in. No money is moved without your confirmation.

What if you still want some control

We understand you may need time to adjust a paycheck or ensure funds are available in your bank account to complete a transfer. You can turn on the 'Transfer Delay' to give yourself a buffer to skip or edit contributions before your money is moved. You will receive a 12-hour heads up before money’s moved to Catch.

What it costs

Starting Sept. 1 2020, there is a flat fee of $1/mo for unlimited Auto Withholding rules to automate your pay sources ("Always Income"). There is no fee to use rules to filter out non-income deposits ("Never Income").

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