Below are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about Catch Features.

Why was I charged for Catch Features?

Catch Features are our collection of premium features, such as Autopilot, Extra Bank Links, and Tax Payments. If you have set up any of these features, there is a monthly cost deducted from your linked bank account.

How do I set up Catch Features? Where can I see which features I'm using?

You can add premium features at any time while using the platform. To see which features you are currently using or to add on these features, go here.

Do I need to add all the premium features? Can I use just one feature?

Just like the rest of your benefits, you can choose which of the Catch Features you want to take advantage of. You'll only be charged for the features you use, and you can always continue to use Catch for free by not adding on any premium features.

How do I get charged?

Most payments will be deducted from your primary linked bank account. You'll see the payment reflected in your activity feed and in your monthly account statement.

Note: Tax payments are deducted from your tax balance, and our standard retirement fees are similarly deducted from your retirement balance.

When do I get charged?

This will depend based on the feature. Charges occur when you set up the feature or when you make a tax payment. If charges are recurring, deductions from your linked bank account will happen monthly from the date you first set up the feature.

For Autopilot — you will be charged when you set up an Auto Withholding rule for the first time, then every month (based on the set-up date). If you already have Auto Withholding rules set up, you will be charged the first of every month.

For Extra Bank Links — you will be charged when you set up this feature, then every month (based on the set-up date).

For Tax Payments — you will be charged a $10 processing fee per payment, deducted directly from your Tax Plan at the time of payment.

What if I cancel the add-on in the middle of the month?

You will be able to continue to take advantage of that feature through the end of that billing period. When a new billing cycle starts, you will lose access to that added feature.

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