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How do I renew my health insurance plan?
How do I renew my health insurance plan?
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There are a few ways you can ensure you continue to get health coverage in 2024.

Renew with Catch

You can renew your plan through Catch:

  • As long as your health plan is a marketplace plan

  • Even if you didn't enroll through Catch last year

To renew with Catch, enter some basic personal information and we'll pull in your plan.

If you want to keep this plan, all you'll need to do is confirm your information and click renew. That's it.

Compare and re-enroll

Double check the details of your plan near the end of the year, because the coverage and cost might change from one year to the next.

You also may qualify for new subsidies that can save on your monthly premium or out-of-pocket costs.

To ensure you're getting the best plan coverage for you and your family, check out the Plan Explorer. Catch's Health Explorer. If you decide you want to enroll in a different plan for 2024, you can choose a new plan when exploring plans.

Carrier renewal

If you don't make any changes, then the health marketplace will often automatically re-enroll you in a plan that is the same or similar to the plan you are currently on.

Remember that plans can change from year to year, so we recommend checking to make sure the care you need is still covered and that you're getting the best deal possible.

Get in touch

Email us at or schedule a call with a Catch Benefits Advisor. We're here to help!

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