The short answer is yes.

In a perfect world, accidents and illness wouldn't happen. The last couple of years has taught us that we don't have control over much of what happens in life. One thing you do have control over is ensuring you and your family have health insurance for those unexpected times.

What about the cost?

We get it: health insurance can be expensive and often there are other expenses competing for your hard-earned money.

But, even routine illnesses or injuries can result in large medical bills. With health insurance, you can control those costs and make sure medical bills don't turn into medical debt.

Paying a set amount each month means you'll have coverage when you need it. If something happens (like you break your arm or get sick), insurance plans cap the maximum amount you'd have to pay in a year. And, once you meet your deductible, insurance will share the cost of care even before you hit your out-of-pocket max.

Is there any way to pay less for health insurance?

Definitely. There are several ways that you can save money on your health insurance plan.

When you apply for insurance through Catch, we'll make sure we find every possible discount and subsidy available to you. That means if there is a way to save money on things like your monthly premium, we'll help make sure you do. Check out our help article about subsidies here.

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