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How do I pay my health premium?
How do I pay my health premium?
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You need to pay your health insurance premium to activate your plan. You also need to pay it each month to keep your coverage active. There are a couple ways to do it.

1 . Pay through Catch (recommended)

If you enrolled in health coverage via Catch, you can go to your Health Plan page and click the link provided to make a payment directly to your insurance carrier.

This option is recommended. Often carriers can be slow to update information, so you should pay through Catch if possible.

If you do not see a link to make a payment, it could be because Catch has not received one to provide you yet or, in a minority of cases, because the carrier requires you to pay them directly. You can get in touch with your carrier directly or, if you just recently enrolled in a plan, wait a few days and see if the link is available.

2. Pay through your insurance carrier

Most carriers offer the following options:

  • Phone: Call your carrier's billing department or contact their customer service for the phone number

  • Mail: Mail a check to the address provided by your carrier — note: the address should be visible on the bill sent by your carrier

Carriers can experience delays processing your information when you've enrolled in a plan. If you're making your first premium payment to activate a plan (also called a "binder payment"), and your carrier says you aren't in their records, try making payment through Catch on your Health Plan page. You can also try waiting a few days.

What happens if I pay late or miss a payment?

Generally, you'll enter a Grace Period. This means you usually have up to 90 days to make the payment you missed before losing coverage (be sure to double check with your carrier).

You qualify for a 90 day Grace Period if you:

  • Have a marketplace plan

  • Qualify for an APTC*

  • Have paid at least one month of coverage already

Note: You must make your first premium payment on time in order for your health coverage to go into effect.

*APTC stands for Advanced Premium Tax Credit. Find out more about this tax credit here.

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