Premium Slasher lowers your health insurance premium in two minutes or less by finding tax credits that are available based on your most up-to-date information. The credit comes in the form of a discount to your premium, paid to your insurance provider directly by the government.

If you are like millions of Americans who have Affordable Care Act (ACA) Marketplace insurance, you can link your insurance plan to Catch. Linking allows us to find out if you’re eligible for tax credits and, if so, to directly enroll you in them to start saving on your premiums.

Rather than routing you to another website or leaving you to fill out a form for the IRS, Catch files all the necessary paperwork for you. Within minutes and without going anywhere else, you can save an average of $524 per month on your premium, starting with your very next payment.

After linking your health insurance plan to Catch, we continue to have your back. We’ll routinely check to see if there are any new tax credits you may qualify for and alert you when there are opportunities to save. We’ll also automatically renew your plan when the time comes, so there isn’t a lapse in coverage.

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