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What happens after I enroll?
What happens after I enroll?
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Congrats! You've enrolled in health insurance. What now?

  1. Pay your premiums. Catch helps enroll you in your plan, but you're also responsible for paying your premiums, which you can do through Catch. More info on how to pay here.

  2. Expect communications from Catch and from the marketplace. may send you notices and communication about your coverage. You can ignore these messages. Instead, you can log into your Catch account to view your marketplace notices, make updates to your application or coverage, and manage your information.

  3. Read your notices, upload required documentation through Catch, and download forms you'll need when you file your federal income tax return.

If you've enrolled in a plan through Catch, your health insurance information will be imported to your Catch profile.

If you enrolled in a health plan outside of Catch and want to import your plan, you can link it here.

What if I need to update my information later?

If you've experienced a life change, such as a move, change in income, or marriage, please let us know right away. To do so, log into your Catch account and change your information here.

Note: if you have a legal name change, contact to update this legal information.

If you have questions about your coverage:

You can contact Catch via chat on the app or website for general questions, or if you have more specific questions about coverage, you can call your insurance company directly.

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