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Getting Health Insurance
Getting Health Insurance
Do I really need health insurance?
Who can get health insurance from Catch?
Why should I use Catch for health insurance?
How do I choose the right health plan?
What plans are available?
How do I enroll in health insurance with Catch?
Health insurance terms and definitions
What happens after I enroll?
How do I link my health plan to Catch?
What is Open Enrollment?
What is Special Enrollment?
What’s the Health Insurance Marketplace?
How do I pay my health premium?
How do I calculate my income for health insurance?
How do I lower the cost of my coverage?
What do the different networks mean (HMO, PPO, etc)?
What are Qualified Health Plans, and can I get one through Catch?
What are the different health insurance tiers?
How do I renew my health insurance plan?
How do I use Health Explorer?
What is a Health Savings Account (HSA)?
What if my state has its own marketplace?
Why am I redirected to
What is Enhanced Direct Enrollment?